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Frequently asked questions

Q: I have received readings from others before, and the person I really want to come through never seems to show up. Why?

A: The process of connecting with loved ones on the other side takes a lot of focused energy from Heather as well as from those on the other side. The energy and mental state of the person being read is a factor too. Spirits who had bold or pushy personalities here in the physical realm are often better at getting through-although there are always surprising exceptions! Additionally, spirits are involved in many tasks, roles, and healing on the other side and may not always be accessible to our realm. In private readings and small gatherings, Heather can often successfully bring through a specifically requested loved one, though it cannot be absolutely guaranteed. Have faith that who and what comes through is what Spirit feels is most needed at that time.


Q: How can I be guaranteed that I will be read?


A: Heather only guarantees readings to those who attend a small group gathering or a private session, not for the larger gallery-style readings.


Q: My loved one passed very recently. Will this make it less likely I will hear from that person?


A: Heather has connected with spirits that have crossed over as recently as 48 hours prior to a reading, as well as those that have passed away over 50 years ago. However, Heather believes that a significantly distressed emotional state, having an “agenda” as to who or what comes through, or deep grief in those she is reading for can, at times, make it difficult to get a strong connection with Spirit for that person.

Q: What can I do to help ensure a good connection to my loved ones in Spirit when I am read?


A: Heather suggests you spend time in the hours or days prior to your reading talking to and thinking of your loved one. You can even personally invite them to come and speak to you through Heather. If you meditate, try to do so the day of your reading. Also, being well rested with a quiet and receptive state of mind is helpful. Focusing too much on who you want to hear from during the reading, or thinking of a certain thing you want mentioned, can significantly block the quality and quantity of information coming through. The more welcoming you are to whatever and whoever comes through the more likely the reading will contain meaningful information for you.  Heather also sends out guidelines to help you prepare for the experience.  Please read them carefully and follow the suggestions provided.

You may wish to bring a photo of or a personal item belonging to your passed loved one to a private session or gallery reading.  This is neither required nor necessary to hear from Spirit! If you choose to do so, please keep it hidden.  It is a nice surprise if your loved one makes mention of it.

Q:What if my loved one/the person I most want to hear from doesn't come through in a session?

A: In private sessions it is highly likely that you will hear from the person or persons you are most seeking.  However, Heather cannot control the spirits, of course, and therefore cannot make guarantees as to who you will hear from or what you will hear.  Each session, whether a group or private experience, has its own personality, and no two are ever the same and shouldn't be compared.   Please be open and trust the process.  Reading, re-reading, and following the guidelines Heather sends out for private sessions will be very helpful for your experience.

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