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Heather's Story

Life growing up in a quiet Midwestern suburb was mostly pleasant and uneventful with one exception:  I experienced a lot of unexplained phenomena--mostly at night.  I felt, heard, and saw things that I could not make sense of, and looking back with what I know now, I realize I was being bombarded with visitors from the Spirit World. Groups of strangers had filled my bedroom on an uncomfortably regular basis, but my parents, understandably, chalked it up to my having an "overactive imagination."

Throughout my school years I carried a sense of something "going on" just outside of our ordinary awareness.  Sometimes the truth of other realities would surface in my high school writing assignments, where  it was particularly well received by my high school philosophy teacher.


I was always drawn to helping animals and people, and throughout my life, from adolescence, I have worked helping both. I was drawn to helping sick and stray animals, and taking care of farm animals and zoo-keeping.  I was a court advocate for foster children, and worked closely with children with behavioral disorders.  I began devoting my life to healing trauma and conflict in children, families, and individuals as a family therapist. Eventually a series of unfortunate life events led me into a personal crisis of such magnitude that I found myself lost and on a desperate search for faith--something to believe in and hang on to-- that could keep me afloat during my despair and help me find a way out.  Unfortunately I had never been one to regularly pray, but during this frightening time of uncertainty, I began to pray with all my being.

Startlingly quickly, life began to change. A cloud had lifted and I began to experience unusual but positive coincidences and other events. I was experiencing a spiritual awakening. Because of the stunning changes in my life as well as the explosion of a renewed awareness within me, I was absolutely convinced of the reality of higher powers that can protect and guide us.  I experienced a phenomenal heightened intuition and extraordinary new insights while doing my therapy work with clients. It was clear I was ultimately being called to utilize my natural-born gifts.   Returning to my work as a therapist, I was stunned to discover I could accurately and almost immediately sense my clients' specific health and medical issues—and most significantly, knew the unhealed emotional traumas and thought patterns which contributed to them. It wasn’t long before I could feel the distinct personalities of my clients’ loved ones who had passed away as they began to step forward on occasion with messages of love and healing for their family members in the midst of a counseling session.

A Bridge to Healing

Working in the metaphysical realm is not easy work. However it was something I felt powerfully called to do as the TRUTHS being revealed to me were so powerful I felt I could never turn my back on them.  Yet, after  embracing this for a number of years and working as an "intuitive therapist", I grew restless and carried a gnawing discontent.  It was time, I decided, to present myself as more “mainstream” to grow my counseling  business. 

After relocating from Arizona to Colorado, I decided that I wanted to be "more like everyone else." I still wanted to help people, but I wanted to be something everyone could understand.  So, I considered changing course altogether and looking into a nursing career and began to take steps in that direction. However, Spirit had other plans.

A friend’s adolescent daughter who had passed of a brain tumor began to speak to me every night—with her charismatic personality and spunk on full display.  I was confused, and more than a little stunned. I chose to dismiss this for several evenings. But she was persistent. She was insistent I reach out to her mother. I finally began writing down the detailed messages she shared with me. The messages came every night for a while, and when I finally found the nerve to reach out, this girl’s mother validated every one. Something had fully opened within me now, and it seemed there was no turning back to what life was "before". With the support of this powerful adolescent spirit, I was guided (and at times pushed ) to make connecting with the other side my life’s work. In many ways I am still a family therapist, but now I work with both the living and the deceased.

With love and blessings,

~ Heather


Some things I’d like for you to know:

You are whole. You are not broken in any way. You are loved—always have been and always will be.

Your past does not define you. Your family does not define you. Your mistakes do not define you. Every new day is a chance to begin anew.

You are beautiful. You glow the brightest and feel the lightest when you embrace your uniqueness, whether it be in your physical body, your personality, your beliefs, your talents, or all of that and more. Delve into your authentic self and embrace it. You will absolutely SHINE from the inside out!


It’s time to let go of anger, resentment, guilt, overbearing sorrow, regrets. They can drag you down and make you appear like the walking dead! Your loved ones in spirit always tell me that they want for you to honor your life by really LIVING it!

It is always an incredible privilege and joy to help people from all walks of life reconnect with loved ones, friends and pets on the other side. It is my deepest desire that you find a sense of peace and closure knowing that our loved ones continue to support, guide, and love us from the other side.

Blessings always, and in ALL Ways,


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