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All about Group Readings

Live Audience Readings Events


Live Group Readings Event

Heather travels throughout the year to various cities, towns, and communities reuniting the living with their departed loved ones and sharing messages of love, hope, and healing from the spirit world with her live audience readings events.

In her live readings events, Heather connects the spirits who step forward with their loved ones in the audience by bringing through powerful and detailed messages with her personable style of compassion and humor. Heather may even take on the verbal expressions, accents, physical mannerisms and more of the spirit communicator! Messages can range from fun and frivolous to deeply healing messages for closure and even forgiveness.  Live group readings events are spirit directed—meaning Heather communicates with the spirits who step forward and cannot offer all in attendance a message due to the time involved and the size of the gathering. However, Heather encourages everyone to pay close attention to others’ messages, as it is typical for some of the information coming through to feel meaningful to many. Heather calls the administering of these “me too” messages by spirit to be a clever way that Spirit allows more individuals to feel that connection to their own loved ones. It is also a typical way for several spirits to get through all together –in a sense hitchhiking on the paved energetic spirit path—to connect with their loved ones in the audience through common themes shared with other spirits, and then possibly further distinguishing themselves with a more specific message.


VIP Small Group Experience

Sometimes called "spirit circles" these small groups are open to the public but generally limited to between 8 and 12 participants. A VIP small group experience is an opportunity to have a one-on-one connection with Heather, and to ensure that you will hear from at least one loved one in Spirit. (However, no guarantees can be made when working with Spirit).  More than just a few "hellos" from Heaven, participants learn, heal, and laugh together in a mutually supportive environment and enjoy extensive interaction with both Heather and Spirit! Some spirit communicators are simply stronger than others and may in some cases attempt to dominate a spirit circle. While Heather does her best to make sure everyone receives an equal amount of messages from their own loved ones, on some occasions this situation simply cannot be entirely prevented.  It is often the case that the dominant spirit or spirits share information that is meaningful and helpful to all attending the group.  This is also an opportunity to ask for psychic insight and guidance, which will also come through quite naturally if someone isn't receiving a strong connection with a spirit person (which is rare). Sometimes a participant is there to learn from the group, or receive messages from guides through Heather.  Many participants begin to receive more signs and feel more closely connected to Spirit after attending a VIP small group.


Friends & Family Gatherings

A friends and family gathering is a private gathering in an individual’s home or business. Friends and family come together for messages of hope, joy, and healing. Participants receive direct validations, stories, evidence, and even humor from passed loved ones.  They can be organized as parties or family reunions and participants enjoy friendship, support and sometimes even a meal or appetizers. These gatherings can be kept smaller in size for detailed messages for all, or they can be larger and even gallery-style gatherings held privately.  Smaller groups will run between 90 minutes and two hours, and the larger groups run closer to the two hours.  When communication with passed loved ones slows (typically around the 90 minute mark in larger groups) Heather will stay up to two full hours to answer questions, offer guidance, and help participants process the experience. Contact Heather’s office for more information.


Disclaimer: By booking a phone or in-person session with Heather, or attending a group session, you acknowledge, understand, and accept the following:

Due to demand for private sessions and the limited availability, session payment is non-refundable but may be applied to a rescheduled date if necessary. Appointment may also be gifted to someone else, but please notify Heather. If the appointment is cancelled on our end, a refund will be provided.


You agree to read and follow to the best of your ability, the guidelines provided when booking your private session.

  • Heather cannot control nor guarantee who or what will come through.

  • A session with Heather is not intended as a substitute for licensed/qualified legal, financial, psychological, or medical care and/or guidance.

  • Heather is not responsible for any decisions or actions taken as a direct or indirect result of a phone session, or attending any in-person session or event with her.

  • There are no refunds on completed readings.

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