An Evening with Spirit: Connecting with Loved Ones in the Afterlife

Tuesday, February 16 Arvada (Denver) Colorado
An Evening with Spirit: Connecting with Loved Ones in the Afterlife

7 pm to 9 pm

Journeys for Conscious Living

7401 W. 59th Ave
Arvada, CO, 80003

Psychic Medium Heather Hunter will give readings to random audience members as Spirit steps forward. This is an enjoyable and meaningful event for everyone in attendance.

* Gain answers to some questions you hold about the afterlife.
* Be present for a possible opportunity to hear from your own loved ones.

* Hear unique and validating details that reassure us our loved ones in spirit are safe and aware of our lives.
* Share in a possible “me too” moment. Sometimes messages that come through are meaningful to several audience members before becoming more specific to one. Heather believes this is Spirit’s way of sending several people a quick “hello from Heaven”.

Please note that a ticket purchase does not guarantee a personal reading.

Seats: $30/person. Online purchase recommended. A limited number of seats may be sold at the door.

Love Notes from Heaven: Connecting with loved ones in Spirit.

Phoenix, AZ: Tuesday, March 1
Love Notes From Heaven: An Evening of Spirit Connections: Limit 30

7:00 to 9:00 pm


Doubletree Suites by Hilton Phoenix
320 N. 44th Street Phoenix

Psychic Medium Heather Hunter channels messages and validations from loved ones, friends, and even pets on the other side!

* many will receive messages however a seat purchase does not guarantee a personal reading.

Private Individual and Group Readings Available Feb 28-March 1
Email to schedule:


Dear Heather, Thank you so much for the messages tonight!!!! It was amazing & Ive wanted that for 20years! I would love to connect again! Also I reached out to my friend about her son you brought through tonight. She was SO happy!! Made her year. So thank you from both of us from bottom of my heart!
A.F. Denver
Smile When You Think of Me

Do not be afraid to be happy
I know I am never forgotten.
I am still with you, just in a different way.
I watch you from the other side, and I want to see you smile and hear you laugh.
Honor my life with your joy, instead of your tears.

~Psychic Medium Heather Hunter