Phone Readings


Heather offers phone readings to connect with passed loved ones as her schedule allows.
Please email to inquire about upcoming availability for a phone reading.

A phone reading can be just as detailed and accurate as an in-person reading. However, as a former therapist, Heather prefers face to face meetings for readings because of the sometimes highly sensitive content and her belief that in a world of ever-increasing technological advances, we need real human interaction more than ever. However, due to the large volume of requests, Heather does set aside some time in her schedule each month to provide phone readings.

Pricing for Phone Readings:
All pricing is for a phone reading with one person only. It is best that you be alone or able to isolate yourself from others before proceeding with a phone reading. Having others with you during the reading will bring additional information and spirit activity through to Heather, so it is imperative that if you desire to have others with you for your phone reading that you make arrangements for such a reading ahead of time.


30 Minute Phone Reading
This reading length typically offers extended contact with one or perhaps two spirit people, or “check-ins” (brief validations) from many spirits. This session tends to move very quickly and may not allow for many questions. Heather’s goal in this time-frame is to give you as much evidence of the presence of one or more loved ones as possible.

60 Minute Phone Reading
A one hour phone session consists of one to several spirits connecting with evidence and validations. Typically (although not guaranteed) one spirit will offer a considerable amount of evidence, memories, mentions of your life, and more. There is also time to ask several questions to your spirit people or person and Heather, and address concerns you have regarding your loved ones, the Afterlife, and more. You are encouraged to write down a few questions regarding thoughts or concerns about your loved one. Sometimes your spirit person will address those concerns before you ask! (Please note, questions for your loved ones would not be further evidence-seeking things such things as, “What was that nickname you always called me?” Rather, they would be thoughts, worries or concerns on your mind about them, something that occurred while they were living, or possibly a family situation).