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I’ve been nudged, guided, and now finally pushed and pulled by Spirit (I can be stubborn!) to share my unique insights and approach to personal mastery with more of you on a larger scale. I am sharing in my blog the description of a special one night program/journey offering for July 18, 2018. (I seem to resist the words “course”, “class” and workshop”). Over time, this experience may be broken down into specific learning and healing stages as participants evolve in personal awareness development. It most likely will be offered online too. For now, it is a “one-evening event/experience”. The first group is being held in Lakewood, CO on the evening of July 18. Read about it here:

Exploring Our Soul Journeys

This is a size-restricted group. Experience two and a half hours of connections–with Heather, passed loved ones, guides, and Source! Learn a little, heal a little, and take home information to elevate your personal mastery. Participants should come prepared to be open, real, and ready to heal in a safe, supportive environment.
DISCLAIMER: This is not “therapy”. Those with significant emotional issues and/or debilitating grief or depression are advised and encouraged to please seek the help of a qualified/licensed therapist or mental health professional.

This group is most ideal for:
This group is intended for those new to intuitive/metaphysical work and insight from the spiritual realm. It is not intended for individuals well-versed in metaphysics or those working as novice or professional psychics, mediums, readers, or energy healers. Thank you.

This is a group experience for receiving messages about what may be blocking us from greater freedom, happiness and inner peace; understanding how to trust our intuition; and bringing clarity to our life paths. There will be some random messages from and connections with passed loved ones to validate we are not alone on our journeys, and for healing and support. However, Heather will also be teaching some life mastery skills and will be tapping into wisdom from her own guides as well as yours. (However this is not an intensive “how-to” about meeting or connecting with your guides).
Share in an opportunity to experience not only Heather’s connection to our passed loved ones, but also her connection to our past and present situations and the meanings in them. Be ready to be open, real, and ready to heal in a safe, supportive environment. More than specific answers and solutions, you will receive the tools and guidance to begin to discover your own greater understanding of what has happened in your life, empowering you to create a positive path for what is to come.
Some of the topics covered:
The most powerful barriers to personal freedom and how to overcome them
Discovering and defining our unique selves–how to view ourselves objectively
Opening our intuitive doorway

There will be much more covered and ultimately the topics will be guided and directed by what Heather receives from Spirit.

This gathering will be held in Lakewood near Highway 285 and Wadsworth. Specific location information will be emailed, generally within 48 hours of registering.

Register here

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